Judging Criteria
Car looks and design
40/400 pts
Drifting Skills
Drifting Skills 1: 60/400 pts
Drifting Skills 2: 60/400 pts
Box 1: 25/400 pts
Box 2: 25/400 pts
20/400 pts
20/400 pts
Flipper 1: 30/400 pts
Flipper 2: 30/400 pts
50/400 pts
Car sound
20/400 pts
Tires smoke
20/400 pts
Contest Rules


Make it to the National Qualifier to move onto your National Final. If you top the leaderboard at the National Final, you will move onto the Regional Qualifiers, followed by the Regional Finals where you could be crowned King of Drift!


You’ll lose points if you hit the obstacles, drift the wrong way, or spin your car. If you’ve got 3 penalties in one round, you will be disqualified.


Each of the judges will score you on how well you continuously drift, follow the track, how great your car smokes, and much more. The judges look for an impressive exterior, too. Score big with each of the judges and get to the top of each leaderboard to move onto the next round.

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